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R.R.'s Revenge!

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R.R.'s Revenge!

Post by Cleric on Fri Nov 12, 2010 12:33 am

Quest Overview: After destroying Destructo (the android from A Hero is Born), R.R. chose a new target! The leaders of R.R. want revenge and have put a large bounty on your head. They also chose a strong fighter that they used a mind control device on to use him to attack you. He has 10,000 pl. You must either kill or spare the mind - controlled fighter and destroy the assassins that stalk you! But, you must find a way to get the bounty off you or this is pointless!
Requirements: Completion of A Hero is Born, 10,000 pl
Rewards: 5,000pl and +20 alighnment for sparing the mind- control fighter and freeing him from the mind control, or -20 for killing him.

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