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Advanced Yardrat Training

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Advanced Yardrat Training

Post by Cleric on Fri Nov 12, 2010 12:56 am

Quest 1: After proving yourself superior to the elder, he recommends you to train with a warmaster, by the name of Shii. Once you find him, he tells you to find a needle in the middle of a cave, with both arms tied behind your back and a ticking bomb on your back. Don't worry, when the bomb goes off it just makes a small poof, that spells 'you failed' in the smoke. Failure means you can't advance to the later quest; and failure is not an option. Once you complete this, the needle will suddenly grow magnetism and fly off to slam against the cavern wall, whereas the cave will transform into a giant magnetic giant; anything metal will just stick to him (ex swords, scouters, saiyan armor). Take off anything metal quickly before you get stuck to it, and do fight hard, as it is just as powerful as you!
Rewards: +10% of current PL, hooked staff (golden, has a large hook on one end)
Requirements: 35,000pl, completion of Yardrat Training quests

Quest 2: After proving your power to Shii, he takes you to a dojo, where he will have you meditate with him. He will give you tea later, and that tea has poison. That poison will cause you constant pain, and to make things worse, 20 Yardrat warriors will jump down and attack you. Defeat the attackers! (they all have 30,000pl)
Rewards: 30,000pl, Makian sword (red tint, stronger than any metal)
Requirements: completion of quest 1, 55,000pl

Quest 3: Shii gives you a couple days to rest, but on the second day when you wake up, you find him outside with a monkey-like, purple, four-eyed creature. He tells you to beat it, and he will teach you the Nio Alectum technique. But, the monkey can use that technique, so be careful! It is as powerful as you.
Rewards: +15% of current PL, Nio Alectum technique (shoots a large, purple beam at its target, and sets anything in its way on fire, yet can also turn things to stone, can only be used once a day)
Requirements: 100,000pl, completion of quest 2

Quest 4: After displaying your power in ever way possible (except one), Shii decides to have you spar him. And, he's 2x as powerful as you. To make things worse, you're in a strange, eerie blue mist, and that mist causes your eyes to water. You must defeat Shii whatever way you can. Try using your surroundings to subdue him. If you can possibly win, he will teach you the Instant Transmission technique. (this technique can only be used to travel to other planets, nothing else)
Rewards: +30% of current PL, Instant Transmission technique
Requirements: 300,000pl, +50 alignment

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