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Rob the Old Bag (earth) ~ Cleric

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Rob the Old Bag (earth) ~ Cleric

Post by Cleric on Fri Nov 12, 2010 8:32 pm

Cleric today was walking down the sidewalks of the city, reminiscing on past experiences. He dreamed of once dominating the Earth and becoming its ruler, but he knew his dream would not be realized for a long time. He was thinking of his life when suddenly, he felt a large outward force cause him to stumble, and it felt as if he ran into something. He suddenly became mindful of his surroundings, and he realized he ran into a light pole. What an idiotic move, Cleric thought of himself, as his cheeks blushed in embarrassment. Looking forward, he noticed a large crowd of people, all busy with daily stuff like business or recreation. He then noticed a short, hunched old lady a few people ahead of him; she was wearing a pink wool jacket, a faded white flower dress underneath, with very tall violet hair. It was like she put a cone around her head and stuck her really long hair in it, and cut the excess then stuck it with gel. The old lady seemed to have poor vision, especially when he noticed her turn a sharp right into a dark alleyway, away form the busy road of flying vehicles. She walked slowly, rather scooting her feet while her purse jumbled about. As she went deeper into the alley, Cleric distantly followed, whilst acting casual as to not cast suspicions. As he entered the alleyway, he saw the old lady bump into the wall, confused on where she was. It was dark, but the Konatsian could easily see. He slowly edged to the lady, crouching to not be heard. When he was right behind her, he grabbed both sides of her face and snapped her neck. When he heard to loud 'pop,' he let her body fall. He grabbed the purse as she came down, took the money from inside, and looked down to the body. With a smirk of glory, he laid forward his open hand and shot the body with a small amount ok Ki, by which time he had destroyed the body. He left the scene shortly after, with a devious grin on his face.

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