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disarming the bomb (Complete)

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disarming the bomb (Complete)

Post by Ragen on Fri Nov 19, 2010 6:49 pm

Ragen was walking thourgh town when he saw about 50 cops surronding the capital building. "please dont hurt any of the innocent civilians" begged the cop into the mircophone. there was no respone from the bluiding. "he heard people talking about a bomb, terreroist and innocent people be held there. "he need to do something. now!" he saw that there was noone on the roof and he flew up there went down in the vents. he thought to myself ( he need to find the bomb before he make my move). the building was greatly made looking as if it was built found the bomb and took the vent off and blasted the men in the room with small engery blast knocking them out but notmaking enough noise to warn the other. Ragen jumped down from the 30ft fall and looked at the bomb. it was a watch attached to what seem to be a phone. it had cords running around it that went all over the bluiding. "why would they need more bombs." this one was hooked up to at least 50 oil barrels. that alone could weaken the fame of the center so that it fell on it selves" said Ragen. he took the back of the bomb off and it had all thing diffent colored cord in it but none of cords around of the room wouldnt set the bomb off if he cut them. i put the bomb back down and deused it. then he sneak around the building knocking out the terroroist with ki blast andgrabed the innocent people and took them out and got them to a med and told the cops "they are all inside sleeping" "thank you" he said shocked.

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Re: disarming the bomb (Complete)

Post by Cleric on Mon Nov 22, 2010 5:11 pm

Just a note: when you're talking, or when you're thinking, your character is the one thinking. So talk and think in first person only in those cases.

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