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a hero is born (Complete)

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a hero is born (Complete)

Post by Ragen on Fri Nov 19, 2010 7:34 pm

I was told by piccolo that an android was attacking west city so I dashed off as fast as I could to the city and saw pillers of fire jumping out of the ground. I barely dodge one. the heat was so great that I started sweating just being close to it. the android was just sitting there with his hand on the ground. he was tall and had long crismon hair and his eyes were black as cole. "STOP!!!!!!" i yelled as i caught him when he droped he wasnt paying attention and tackled into him the ground. then a bright light shined and i was sent flying into the sky. "hmm you saiyan are still weak as normal" said the android. "ha don't look down on me or you will pay dearly for it' I laughed. then he pointed his hand at me with all five finger pointing at me and shoot a blast from each of his fingers. "hmm is that al you got" I yelled as i jumped dodged but then they turned around and came back at me. "what the" I yelled. I flew around trying to dogde them but they kept following me. then i flew at him and shoot random ki blast at him and he was busy dogdeing them and then I turned as I was right in front of him causing him to hit by his own attack. his chest was burnt but that was all. "hahaha you are clever but that wont be enough" "dam why didnt it work" i thought to myself. then i pulled my sword out and charged him. I sliced at him and he dodged and then as he did I used my final blaster blowing his arm off. "ha not so tough are you" i said full of myself. "grr i am going to blow you ti bits." he roared. then he shoot a mouth beam but i cut it in half and returned fire with shinning flash blowing a hole in his chest. "dam it. I guess I have to take you out with me" then he started to glow. my eyes widen and I threw my sword at him and super speed next to him. "he grined and mutter i will be revenged" then after my sword slice him in tow and got stuck in a biulding i blast him. "hmm i just hope they wont kill innocent people to call me" his warning brother me and i flew off to train.

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Re: a hero is born (Complete)

Post by Cleric on Sat Nov 20, 2010 5:43 pm

Quest Accepted. Good job!

Rewards: +10 alignment, 750 pl, 500 zeni

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