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the saviors

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the saviors

Post by Ragen on Fri Nov 19, 2010 7:59 pm

Alliance Name: the saviors
Description: our mission to keep others killing innocent people. we do not serve god or poeple. we serve life. we fight for the trill but only fight to save or test our abiltys. no senses killing..
Belief: dont light the dark consume you but dont expell it. no need to fear the dark. we are all born from it.
History: being pure at brith and raised by the peace loving nameks Ragen as drove for no more senses killing unless it is needed to save.
Alliance Ranks:
-(1)leader: Ragen
-rear admirals:
-(6)vice admirals:
-vice captains:
certain power to needed to gain ranks. number next to means how many there can be that much (ex: if there is 6 people the admiril rank. the 3 strongest will be made it and the others be put into the rear admirals.)
Founder/Leader: Ragen
Alliance Members:
Leader's Orders:

notes: rear admirals are fighters that have reached admiral lvl but wont accept Vice admirals. there for they won't be in charge of anybody even though they are stronger.
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