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Stop the Carnage! (Incomplete)

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Stop the Carnage! (Incomplete)

Post by Ragen on Sun Nov 21, 2010 11:56 pm

after being hired to stop the poacher from taking the last gorilla elephant Ragen flew down to SA to save it. he walked around the looking for him target but found that the poacher was already taking aim. "oh no he does't" ragen mutter. he shoot a ki blast the paocher gun destroying it. "hey who did that" the paocher cried. "i did you jerk. where do you get off attacking a off graud an animal" ragen said. "you're gunna pay for that you stupid boy"the poacher yelled. he ran at Ragen shooting pistols but they weren't bullets they were ki blast. "where did you get those gun" questioned ragen. "i got them from from company called R.R" the paocher answear" ragen dogde the blasts and fired his own ki blast back knocking on of the guns out of his hands. "more about this R.R" ragen thought to himself." ragen shoot another ki blast knocking the other gun out of his hand then the man threw a bomb but when ot blew up it wasnt fire it was more ki. ragen blocked the blast but his arm was badly burned. "damn that bastard" mutter Ragen. he than used super speed and punched the guy in the gut knocking him out. then ragen took all of his wapons and destroyed them. he left flew off leaving the guy there by himself. "lets see how nature deals with him"
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Re: Stop the Carnage! (Incomplete)

Post by Cleric on Mon Nov 22, 2010 5:23 pm

I'm sorry, but that poacher has 15,000 pl! He wouldn't need a gun; he'd use his fist and Ki. And, you're too weak to beat this guy anyways. This is not approved until you fix this! And, you can't be approved until you have more than 15,000pl.

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