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Broly's First Quest (Earth)

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Broly's First Quest (Earth)

Post by XTheTerrorOfDeath on Thu Nov 25, 2010 5:07 pm

After i just got done making a fool of the worlds hero Mr. Satan i decided to take a look around this pathetic planet. Some time passed then i sensed a somwhat higher power level than the other humanoids on this planet they call Earth. After i sensed i stoped and took a look in the direction it was coming from. In theat direction i saw a small island. So i flew towards it and i seen a lil pink house with the words KAME on the front of it. When i got there i decnded from my flight and placed my feet on the ground. A strange old man walked out of the house and i looked at him for a minute and thought to myself * These could not be the power i sensed*. He yelled at me and said you there why are you here. I said to the little old man * What is your name* he replied to me and said * I am the great turtle hermet Master Roshi. I looked at him and laughed. Then i said to him * The great huh *. He smiled and said to me * Yes im a master in the way of martial arts if u would like i could teach you a thing or too about it*. So looked at him and said * Oh yeah what will that caust me*. The little man named Roshi answered me with a weird voice in his throat he said * I just want you to find 3 magzines i must have missed placed somwhere on this island it shouldnt be too hard for you but dont mind whats on the cover heehee*. So i laughed and said * Fine ill do it but you better keep your world little man or you will have a price to pay if im not amazed by your bold claim*. So i looked around and found all 3 of his magazines. One was under is couch the second one was in his bathroom and the third his turtle was sleeping on. So i brought them back to him and he said * Well done lets begin our training* so we began.
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