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Kaio Training

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Kaio Training

Post by Gokin on Sun Nov 28, 2010 11:58 pm

Quest Overview: Congratulations, you have arrived on King Kai's Planet. King Yemma has informed your name to King Kai, and oh how he thrilled for a new fighter to be worthy of his new training! But first, you'll have to do some training. The training here is hard because of the gravity holding you down. Here's what you must do. You will need to catch bubbles, hit Gregory on the head with a hammer and you will be worthy of learning kaio ken. But all this training isn't so easy. It will take a couple attempts and trys. Once you are finished, you are ready to learn kaoi ken. Then, you must train the kaio ken and able to master it, enough to reach up to kaio ken x2

Requirements: 15,000pl
Rewards: +9000 PL, Kaio Ken Technique

Note: Each level of Kaio ken and how you can handle it associates to your powerlevel. If you can't handle the kaio ken attack, your body will evaporate from the excessive ki. So don't over do it! Above Kaio Ken x20 will only last a maximum of 10 seconds no matter how strong your character is. (Prevents god modding.)

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