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Becoming Mystic!

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Becoming Mystic!

Post by Cleric on Wed Dec 01, 2010 8:09 pm

Quest Overview: You have been refered to Supreme Kai, transferring you to his planet. The kai's on the planet happily welcome you, and treat you as a guest. Your final training--learning the mystic form. You'll wear special gi provided by kibito, and first train by yourself from the heavier gravity of this planet.
After a few days, you will begin hiking up the highest hill where the Z-sword resides. Supreme kai will advise you to pull out sword, and if you can you will need to learn how to handle it and get used to it.
Elder Kai will suddenly appear after you have mastered handling the Z-sword, and will bundle a reward for you.

Requirements: 100,000pl
Reward: PL is multiplied by 300%, Z-sword in your inventory, +25 Alignment
You will be now in a Mystic Form, stronger in your base state but harder to transform.

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