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The Ancient Training

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The Ancient Training Empty The Ancient Training

Post by Cleric on Sun Dec 05, 2010 4:19 pm

Quest Overview: The Supreme Kai has just decided that you are worthy of training in the ways of the Supreme Kai's! And so, he gives you a spoon. He tells you that you must balance a car on that spoon whilst it is on your tongue, juggled 30 bombs at the same time, as well as riding a uni-cycle. This will improve your multi-tasking skills, and believe it or not, make you much stronger. Afterwards, he also tells you that you must spar with Kibito. If you win, you'll be granted life. If you lose, you get no official award.
Rewards: Life (if you win), 100,000pl
Requirements: 200,000pl, 13 paragraphs

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