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Spirit Blast Empty Spirit Blast

Post by Cleric on Sun Dec 05, 2010 4:26 pm

Quest Overview: Daikaioh, the currently deceased Grand Supreme Kai, had taught the Grand Elder the Spirit Blast technique a long time ago. And, after meeting the Grand Elder, he agrees to teach you this technique. You must undergo some intense training, and further develop your ability to concentrate and meditate to learn this technique. Once you have the ability to learn the technique, Grand Elder will show you the steps, and what you must say. Oh, and before he actually teaches you, you must either kiss him (if you're a girl and are pretty), or get a girl that he likes to kiss him. The Spirit Blast technique, after you say the words, "(insert name of planet here), lend me your power so that I may defend you to the best of my abilities," will immediately give you half of the whole planet's energy, including from the life on the planet. The power is then deeply transformed within you, and will become a living entity, yet still pure energy. The move is very powerful, and can destroy people upon impact that are five-times stronger than you.
Rewards: 30,000pl, Spirit Blast technique
Requirements: +100 alignment, at least 6 paragraphs

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