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Roshi's Training

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Roshi's Training

Post by Ragen on Thu Dec 09, 2010 2:10 pm

"hey master roshi i was wondering if you can train me" ragen askes a he flew down. "of corse i owe you one sense you help me finding my magazines" he answeared. "great whats frist"" ragen asked as he walked to the prevy old man. " i wnat you to swin here to the main land and back" ragen jaw drop."really" he asked. "yup now hurry up please" muttering to himself ragen removes his shirt and jumped in the reezing salty water and swam to the main land and back four times just a master roshi as said. "pant pant. master roshi that as to much" "don't worry you'll be doing that three times a day for the next two weeks" roshi calmy said while reading a prono. after two weeks of master roshi swiming training ragen could now swim it easaly. "good now i wsa you to wear these" master roshi jab his finger at a huge turtle shell that look like it wieght a ton. "ok" ragen said as he put the heavy shell on an barely stood. "ok what next" umm i want you to wear that shell for a month and wear while you train" roshi roshi said said sternly" "fine" master roshi started sparing with ragen day after day for a month all day and when the month was over ragen took purple shell off and was amazed at how much stronger he had beceom and bow to master roshi and said "thank you master roshi" "it was an honnor to train such a powerful nice young man"
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Re: Roshi's Training

Post by Cello on Thu Dec 09, 2010 3:17 pm

You have to wait for your first quest to be approved, before you go on making others.

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