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Nero - Makin' Money Quest (earth)

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Nero - Makin' Money Quest (earth)

Post by Nero on Wed Dec 15, 2010 4:44 am

Nero Making Money (Earth)
Nero flew through the smoggy sky, clouded by the useless greed of humans, sitting by their compact heaters on the cool morning, only caring about themselves.
“Hmph, fools...”
Nero huffed, he darted through the air, creating complex patterns, that could not be desiphered by the average human, simply to amuse himself, which it didnt.
“Hmm, where can I get a soda about here?”
Nero asked, he began to land, he touched down on the solid pavement below, looking around, most humans not taking notice of him. He shot his hand down into his pocket, to find emptiness and nothing more. He checked all his other pockets, already knowing he had no zeni on himself.
He mumbled, now brewing a new plan, a way to earn some zeni, or maybe even steal some money... a sly smile slipped onto the scheming face of Nero, his plan now set out, he would rob a bank just ahead of himself, only a few blocks away.

Nero then remembered the relivance of the onlookers, surely he would need to disguise himself... but not if he was quick, Nero felt rather risky today, and what if he got caught anyway, he could pulverise any cop in this city.
Nero made for a steady pace for the bank, trying to look casual, yet finding it impossible to hide his delight, in knowing the robbery was as good as his. He strolled along the street his boots tapping down softely. Now it was time for action, the bank stood before him, he pushed open the glass doors and made his way in.
He saw many people inside making various transactions, talking to each other, or managing on their own in a corner. It was time for Nero to make his move, he launched onto his feet, his attack had begun...
People dropped like flies, dropping to their knees, he sent fist after fist into various customers and employees. Knocking them our upon impact. He chuckled as he did so, disposing of everyone inside the bank, leaving only the teller.
He made his way to the front of the desk, hands in pockets, not expecting any threat from the teller.
“You, hand over all the money, that mean's all on hand and all the safes...”
Nero stated this, he pointed to the safes, lining the inside of the teller's box. He held out his arm, charging a small ki ball, sizing it perfectly in his capable hand.
The teller was quick to his feet, turning on his heels and making his way to the safe, he glanced back once, to check if Nero had made many more threats, but was met with an angry stare and began to unlock the first safe.
A few minutes later and the teller was loading the final safe's contents into the hands of Nero, who crammed it into many pockets, both on his jeans, shirt and jacket. Then the teller placed the till money in Nero's hands. He gulped and began to beg...
“Look! I'm fine with you taking the money, but please spare me!”
Nero returned the ki orb to his hand, holding it to the tellers head, he put the last of the till money away.
“Shut up, give me a good reason, I should let you live...”
Nero questioned the puny man, ignoring the plees of the man. Thinking if killing him had any gain...
Suddenly the man fell to the floor, the ki orb exploding onto his head, instantly killing him.
“Whoops, slipped...”
Nero chuckled, the robbery had been completed, police sirens began to rang in the backround. He made a quick escape, fleeing from the scene.
“Damn, have to get that soda later...”

I can give myself the basic rewards for the quest, but do I get any bonus?
I did once of Never Saga for doing a quest..
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Re: Nero - Makin' Money Quest (earth)

Post by Cello on Wed Dec 15, 2010 4:53 am

Added quest gains, dunno about bonus though...

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