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Nero - Destroy a Village Quest (Earth)

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Nero - Destroy a Village Quest (Earth)

Post by Nero on Fri Dec 17, 2010 11:26 am

Nero would lower his hand to the small can, tearing the lid well from it's base below. Then tossing his own litter to the ground carelessly, letting the rim of the small opening meet his lips, the cooling liquid bursting into his dry mouth.
“Ahh! Yeah, that's the stuff,”
Nero would cry is such enjoyment, simply bringing a smile to his face. He would peer down to the rocky land below, his brow slightly sweaty, the heat of the day would bear down with such force. He huffed, taking yet another slurp from his soda, what a beautiful day, wait no, Nero did not just think that.
Everything would seem to move like clockworks, as not to disturb this scene. Nero would lift his can once again, but was met with a sharp tap to the forhead. He lowered the can, not having time to absorb any more soda.
Nero looked down, spotting two young boys, seemingly tossing small rocks from below, up to the ledge where Nero would stand. They laughed as they both hurled two more golf ball sized rocks up to eye level of Nero, but missing.
“Hey, you two!”
Nero cried this, making his way off the small ledge, pindropping down to the two young boys. With a cheek giggle the two boys exited the scene, making a dash for a small village in the distance. Nero raised his eyebrow,
“Oh, so you two belong to that village there... hehehe,”
Nero made his way behind the boys, keeping steady pace, not to give away his location. Within a matter of minutes he was in the presence of the small village, seeing people heading in and out of their own homes, running errands and such.
“Ugh, so carefree...”
Nero would complain such about this manner, so much as he then soon gave away his location, coming to the attention of the two boys, now alerting their own parents.
“There he is Dad, he was hurling rocks at us,”
“He even followed us down here...”

The two now chimed out, pointing mockingly towards Nero. The dad's eyes now seemingly exploding into a fit of rage, sending his two boys behind his own back to face Nero.
“Look here sir, I don't know what kind of cruel you are, to be picking on two young boys, but I suggest before I put you in a world of pain!”
Nero feeling his own sense of rage at the remark, he knew perfectly well he could pulverise this guy..
“You amuse me! Im guessing you have a pl of about 20, and I'm going to decide not to worry too much with you, but since you pissed me off, the real annoyance is thinking up a suitable punishment...”
Nero ending this with a slight chuckle, the offending man shocked and confused with the last statement, his anger rising, the man would charge forward, sending his hand forward to grasp the collar of Nero's shirt, lifting him well up off the ground, Nero not flinching once, although being lightweight, he knew it would come as no drawback.
“Ok good start, you can lift, oh I don't know 120 kilos... you're nothing special!”
Nero pumped his elbow up, connecting it with the mans cheek, upon such force the grip on Nero was now released. Where he made his move to send a right hook to the gut of his opponent, and then spin kick him to the dirt below.
“Up we get then, stop breathing dirt, it's not good for the lungs ya know...”
Nero would jeer this now, but it hadn't come to his attention that he had the eyes of the whole village resting on him now, bringing the small boys to tears.
“You monster... get out of our village!”
Many cries would ring out, but nothing would deterr Nero. The people around him would begin to circle in, any one of them wanting a piece of Nero. Their angry growls would fly across from every direction and soon it was an all out brawl.
“Get him!”
“On you're right,”
“Look out behind you!”

All these cries would have been shouted as Nero mowed down the puny earthlings, annihilating every single morsel. He would swing his fists a full 360 degrees, and then spin kicking himself a clear barrier, before barraging his fist into the air above, to knock down arial enemies, the next few earthlings a little more durable than the last.
He tosses one to the side, feeling a tickle on his back, then jolting his leg behind his own body to knock off the scum. Now engulfing himself in a rapid fist fight, he needed to finish this fast, he let loose with a spin kick, knocking all his foes back atleast 10 meters, and then springing into the air.
He looked below, seeing the remaining contents of the village grouped together, preparing to fight him...
“You all ready to die now, or should I give you some time to say goodbye?”
Nero would now begin to prepare his attack, his arms making an appearance out in front of his, as the ki would now begin to enlarge in his hands, as all the humans began to grieve.
The ki orb would only grow in size, as Nero would then apply his second hand onto his forearm, channeling more ki down, only to increase the sheer force of the attack.
“Witness my Mech Buster, say your prayers, goodday!”
Nero fired his Mech Buster, crushing all the small people with such power, rippling out from underneath itself, destroying any feeble huts they may have stood.
The village was dead.
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Re: Nero - Destroy a Village Quest (Earth)

Post by Cello on Fri Dec 17, 2010 11:31 am

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