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Exterminate the Saibaman (earth)

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Exterminate the Saibaman (earth)

Post by Cleric on Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:44 pm

It was a beautiful day in town. Everything was perfect. What could possibly go wrong? Suddenly, there was an explosion in the plains. Immediately, she rushed to the plains. There were three small green men that looked like aliens. "Who are you guys?" She asked them. Grya!" He slowly walked from the three of them. They're idiots... One of them attacked him and Cleric jumped out of the way. "Your messing with the wrong guy on the wrong day, pal!" And so then he shot a few energy blasts at the green alien. The one alien got up and scratched Cleric in the face. Cleric was starting to anger now. He then, furiously, rapidly punched and kicked the green alien. Finally, it fell over from exhaustion and pain and died.

"Finally, it's over," Cleric said to himself. "Grya, Grya!" He heard. There was still two aliens left. Two...Not that many... he thought to himself. He rapidly blasted energy blasts at the green aliens, but they just wouldn't be defeated. "That's it... No more playing around.." he said. He went to his full extent of power-level and sent energy blasts at them and kicked and punched them in the gut. Finally, after a few minutes she had defeated them. "I wish I knew more techniques..." He said to himself. He fell down in exhaustion, but then suddenly the ground began to shake, as if from a tremor. "More!?" He said as he sat up. He turned around and three more of those aliens had popped up from the ground.

"Where do they come from?!" He yelled. "Grya! Greeya!" They spoke. They ran into the town to reek havoc, but Cleric quickly followed and grabbed one before he could fly off. "Your not getting away from me!" He said as he kicked it in the back of the head. The alien fell to the ground, growling and howling in pain. He picked up a stick and jabbed it into the aliens head. He pulled the stick out of the head and the stick had green ooze on it. He threw the stick away in disgust and ran after the other two aliens. The two aliens split up, which made it harder for Cleric to track them. First, he ran right and saw one alien shooting energy blasts at a person. "Hey," he shouted and shot energy blasts at the alien. "How do you like it? Huh?" He said and rapidly punched the alien in the gut and kicked him in the jaw, sending him flying into the air. The impact of the alien and the ground was enough to kill that alien. "Just one more to go," he said to himself.

Cleric, looking over to his right in the overpath of buildings, saw the last alien standing on top of a large towering building. "Great..." he said, sarcastically, regarding how massive the saibamen was. It was tall, muscular and blue. It also had an overlarge brain. "I'll have fun here." Cleric then flew up at top speed, landed slowly before the saibamen which now was beating its chest like a monkey, and whispered "This is the end for you." He then took his arms from his side, pulled his sword from its sheath on his back, and grinned. In the blink of an eye, he was behind the creature, sword extended forward and tilted up, held in both hands, the creature hunched over clutching at its stomach. His face was that of utter shock. The picture seemed frozen for a second, but then simultaneously the creature fell in half, oozing green blood, and Cleric slowly slipped his sword back in its sheath. "And that is the end," he said, as he flew away in triumph and went home to tend to his wounds.

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