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Your First Quest (earth)

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Your First Quest (earth)

Post by Cleric on Thu Nov 11, 2010 2:41 pm

Cleric was running along the water with his speed jumping over waves dodging the incoming dolphins. "What weird creatures they have here on earth," He then stopped on an island to find an Old Man waving at him. "What do you want Earthling?" armada said as he waited for an answer. "Hmmm" he saw the old man inspecting him. "I've seen many of you here before." said the old man. "Pfft" replied Armada. "Answer me earthling what do you want!". The old Man got back to business. "Ahhh yes, I lost 3 of my Magazines and they are very special to me. Could you please spare a moment to help me find them?" the old man asked. "Why should I help you find your magazines!? There are plenty more in what you earthlings call, Shops." replied Armada. The Old Man then thought of something. "How about if you help me find my magazines I shall give you a special reward?" Armada then sighed. "Fine then, I shall help you find them." The Old man then nodded and lay down. Stupid Old man, the Konatsians are Superior to the earthlings! Why should I have to help a puny earthling!?

Cleric then started walking he decided to look near the water. As he was walking he saw a Turtle laying there reading one of the magazines. "Turtle, I command you to hand over that Magazine so I can give it to that Earthling!" The turtle then got scared and dropped the Magazine and swam off. Cleric then picked it up and started to inspect it. "These earthling magazines, they seem to have women with no clothes on, isn't this considered rude in this planet?" Cleric then closed the Magazine and continued his search. Cleric then decided to look closer to the house and he noticed the next magazine under the old man's chair. But luckily the old Man was asleep. Cleric then decided to walk into the house and he then found the last Magazine on the Kitchen floor.

Cleric then woke the man. "Here you go." Cleric then handed the three magazines to the old man. "Now what's my reward?" The old man looked at him. "Oh yes, your reward is to look into my Magazines!" Cleric then stood there, horrified and disgusted by the man. "You idiot!!!" exclaimed Cleric. "You think I want to see a bunch of naked Earthlings!?" Cleric then punched the old man straight into the left cheek. "Wow, your weak! You can't even hurt an old man!" "Old man, what is your name?" The Old Man then stared at Cleric, puzzled. "It's Muten Roshi the Turtle Master!" Cleric looked up at him, smiling an evil grin. "Well Roshi, now that I know your name I will come here one day and personally blow up that house!" Ceric then ran onto the water again and skid off. "Stupid old man, he has made a powerful enemy!"

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