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Yardrat Training

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Yardrat Training

Post by Gokin on Thu Nov 11, 2010 6:30 pm

Quest 1: A yardrat master decides it's time for you to journey through the path of the warrior. He gives you the task of going through the jungle with one arm missing; he cut it off for you. Don't worry, it'll grow back as soon as you complete the quest. Keep in mind the jungle is very dangerous, and takes a while to escape.
Rewards: 2,000pl, Yardratian traditional clothing
(this is the clothing, on the Yardratians)

Quest 2: The elder is impressed with you. He decides to send you on another mission, to the tainted grove of Blue Mountain. There, you will find a potion. You must drink it, and then you will find that 2 men have appeared behind you. They are just figments of your imagination, but they can very much hurt you, and you can 'hurt' them. They are you, but are only half your strength. But, they have strength in numbers, and they have more techniques than you. You must defeat then; but, that potion is making you drowy. Your technique and form grows sloppy.
Rewards: 7,000pl, Yardratian warrior armor
(this is the clothing, on Goku)
Requirements: Completion of quest 1, 10,000pl

Quest 3: Now that you've completed all quest the elder has to offer, he challenges you to a spar! Be aware, his power level is 10,000,000. But don't worry, he'll only use as much as you have on you. You must defeat him! If you do, he'll reward you by using a special ceremony to unleash a little of your potential, and he'll give you a pod for free so that you can journey across the universe!
Rewards: 15,000pl, saiyan space pod
Requirements: Completion of quest 2, 50,000pl

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