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The History (MUST READ!)

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The History (MUST READ!) Empty The History (MUST READ!)

Post by Cleric Sat Nov 13, 2010 11:56 am

Planet Vegeta: King Vegeta, fearing the galactic spread of Frieza's domain, sent 10 of his strongest warriors out to Earth and Namek, so that they could wish for what was needed just in case something happened. Communications were always up between the King and his trusted men; Frieza never found out, for there were too many 'monkeys' to keep up with them all. King Vegeta hadn't fled because it would cast suspicions. The Saiyans, using their scouters to find the Dragon Balls, had found them in one months time, but a week earlier, their planet had been destroyed along with their race. The balls on Earth were no problem to summon; but they didn't know what to wish. The Guardian of Earth was suspicious as to who was summoning the Dragon Balls and checked out the scene. When arrived, after some heated discussion, he decided to tell them that only one wish could be made, but these balls can bring mass amounts of people to life and even planets.

Later, on Namek...

Many of the saiyans had loosened up after their planet's destruction. One of them, already having been soft, had gathered the Dragon Balls from the people with ease, using his personality and speachcraft to help. Once arriving at Guru's front step, he asked if he could get the password to the Dragon Balls. He allowed them, considering what their cause was, and so they summoned the dragon balls, with the warning that Porunga cannot wish for mass amounts of people. And so, the Saiyans immediately wished back Planet Vegeta, but not the people. With the second wish, the ring leader of the group wished for eternal life; and the third wish was for more power.

On Earth, the saiyans wished for the planet back, but were told it already returned. So, they improvised and wished for their people instead. And that's how they came back; through wishes. But, after they made their wishes, the Saiyans had turned on Earth and began destroying everything! They killed half the people of Earth, but they could never reach Kami. They never stropped their reign of terror, until they had been killed by the greatest warriors of Earth, who banned together to defeat the enemy. Having received Kami's training to become stronger, they were a good match for the Saiyans. Although they defeated the Saiyans, they had died too.

The Saiyans on Namek had previously left the planet, peacefully, and returned home. Upon arrival, they received many blessing and were showered in the highest treasures of Vegeta. They came home saviors! Especially since the special edition of moving the planet from Frieza's reach saved them from getting destroyed again. The warrior who wished for power and life become the Royal Guard; for good.

Another 8 months went past, and the Dragon Balls restored. The Guardian wished for 'anyone killed by the Saiyans to come back'; he accidentally wished for multiple planets back. Kanassa, the planet Bardock exterminated of their inhabitants, was back. Along with the Kanassans, too! The Arlians returned, Earth's people returned, and everything was back to normal. But, many planets have been revived, and a new wind of fate is passing by.

Meanwhile, from the events of Neversaga...

After nearly 50 years, a dangerous figure by the name of Gandor attacked Earth. All of the good fighters of Earth pitted together to fight him, while the bad (excluding ones obliged to protect their family and friends) helped Gandor. In one big epic battle, the fighters for all that's good killed Gandor, before he muttered his last words, which caused us all to go to our own dimensions, which had a fearsome monster in each that tried to kill them all. Everyone went, but only a select few people came back after causing a break in the dimension. But, will we ever see these heros again? A minute in the alternate dimension is a week on Earth... Who knows when everyone will return.

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