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How To Battle

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How To Battle Empty How To Battle

Post by Cleric Wed Nov 10, 2010 12:36 am

To battle, you simply make a battle request thread, and if your combatant accepts, you then go to the battle thread and make a post. Then, you RP your battle, using words to describe your moves. Obviously, if you have more Power Level, you'll be stronger than your opponent, so you'll have the advantage. So, be fair in your battles. If you're weaker, then let the enemy hit more. Let them hurt you, and perhaps get hurt really bad then run away or something. But remember, you can always use items to heal and, or items to protect and defend you. There are some items you can use to make yourself stronger! And also, there is a health bar for your character; if it gets low, you're weak and can't fight well. If it's 0, you're dead. Follow the rules!

Note that you must always put the name of the planet you're fighting on in parenthesis. For example: [earth]
If you don't, the battle won't be graded until you do this.

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