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Doing Quests

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Doing Quests Empty Doing Quests

Post by Cleric Wed Nov 10, 2010 12:39 am

Quests are missions you can take on; once someone does the quest, it doesn't disappear. You can do any mission you like, but you can't do them more than once. Quest always have rewards, whether they be money or more power level, perhaps new items, abilities or even perks. Remember, you choose the mission and you get what it's worth.

When doing a quest, you must first copy the quest in the Quest section, then post it at the top of the text field. For example:

Quest Overview: A mysterious wizard has created many shadows of the warriors of the Galaxy, and you happen to be chosen to have a shadow created. This mysterious shadow is out to get you, and he's just as powerful as you. Be careful.

Requirements: +40 alignment, 50,000pl, 15 paragraphs
Rewards: x2 PL

Also, if you don't want this in your way, just put it in a spoiler. This is the code for spoilers: [spoiler]insert text here[/spoiler]

When making the topic of your quest, make sure you put the planet you're doing the quest on in parenthesis at the end of your topic.

For example: A Hero Is Born! [Earth]

It is not mandatory, but optional, to put your name in the title. It makes it easier for admins to grade, though.

When you're doing your quest, you must state in the top of the text field what quest you're doing. If you don't, the quest will not be graded until you do so.

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