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Princess Krageta

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Princess Krageta Empty Princess Krageta

Post by krageta Sun Feb 27, 2011 2:39 pm

Name: Princess Krageta
Race: saiyan
Age: 17 - real age: 42 (suspended animation)
Gender: Female
Personality: Krageta is loyal and true to all, she wouldn't turn her back on anyone. Her heart though is filled with much sorrow, but she puts on a smile to make everyone around her happy. Stubborn as a mule, she hates herself for being sick. Never backing down from a challenge, Krageta will do anything to keep those she cares for safe. Hates water cause she can't swim. she has a great pride in herself as she is saiyan and will fight anyone that insults her. She sometimes puts on a cute girl or a flirty attitude to distract people. Will fight to the bitter end even if it means her death. She has a weakness for small children and cute things.

Kharma: good


Krageta was born on the planet Vegeta to the royal family. She was second born, as she had a high enough power level that suited her father. But she had a white saiyan tail which bothered her father, but not her mother. Her mother died shortly after her birth so Krageta never got to meet the mother that she looked like. Through the five years, KRageta trained with her brother Vegeta whom she wanted to be like and guard. Knowing that she would never rule the saiyan race, she would make sure to become Vegeta's guard at all cost. But that changed when one day they were training and her heart raced in great pain. Sending jolts of pain through her body. She had contracted an illness as the medical team could not figure what was wrong with her. HEr body in constant pain for weeks, she was classified as weak till her heart healed. But that is when she fell asleep. Krageta was placed into Crios to wait for a cure before she would die soon.
As the planet Vegeta was destroyed, her crios pod floated through space before landing on a planet where a man found her on the beach of Signit. The people were a light violet skin color and had pointed ears. Her pod opened and Krageta's five year old body fell out after waking up from a thirty year slumber floating in space. The man took her home where he took care of her. When the town and doctors found out about her illness, they had a powerful pain killer that would ease her stress. Giving it to her, the dose was higher than any normal human pain killer on earth. She could laugh, but they found that it worked for only two hours before she had to take another. Krageta grew up till she was eleven on the planet helping the man that found her named Takix build a ship. Making friends in town and at school, Krageta was greatful. But at the same time, everyone knew she looked shattered. she had worked so hard to try and become her brother's guardian and now she didn't even know if she had been dumped on a planet or if her home world was destroyed. Seeing this, a warrior in the town trained her in combat but also to control her energy. finding that hand to hand combat made the pills last longer than the energy techiques.
Once the ship was finished, Krageta grabbed some of her friends and went on the ship looking out the window as Takix showed her how to work the controls. But that is when things took a turn; as an army from the planets rival Mican came attacking the people. Krageta went to attack, but Takix threw her into the ship and told the oldest boy in the ship named Hafix to take off. Krageta looked at the planet as the army that invaded destroyed the planet that she had come to love. Watching from afar as it was destoyed and left as nothing but little bits and corpses floating around the space. Krageta had lost everything again, seeing the stock though that Takix made her of her medication it made her happy to see at least.
Over the years, she began to command the crew of her ship searching through the system for a new place to call home. At fifteen she started dating the vice captain that was second in command, they were always training together and working hard. Practicing her swordsmanship with members of the crew and combat skills. Gaining new members when they stop at planets. Krageta though stared out the window every night of her quarters before sleeping, wishing that she had never became ill. Soon though, the ship was under attack near the planet of Pluto. Changlings attacked the ship after they refused to give into the changlings. As the battle persued, her vice captain out of love her her threw her into an escape pod that he had placed directions to Earth in it. a planet that he saw on the radar. Knocking her out, he had all her medication and her bag in there. Bidding her farewell, Krageta was shot off just as the ship exploded and everyone inside was destroyed as Krageta's pod was sent to earth.
Crash landing on earth, she woke up in a forgein land that she didn't know nothing of. Jumping out of her ship after taking a pill, she looked around for her ship. But there was nothing. Using her communicator in the pod, there was static as though there was nothing there. Sadness filled her heart once again as the ship and crew that she had adored so much was gone. KRageta fell back into her pod and didn't come out as she decided that nothing was worth it anymore. grabbing her stuff, she destroyed her pod heading somewhere to hide. Krageta did not want anyone to see her break down if she did, it was not the saiyan way. But on a planet she knew nothing about wasn't new to her.

info: Krageta takes the pills everyone 2 hours. Ki attacks in a fight will make them last less in her system thus making her take another one in the mist of a fight. she goes to combat skills more than ki skill due to this. the medicine is made from fresh plants and herbs. that normally means everyone 4-7 posts she has to take a pill. for ki attacks, it would be every 4 posts.


(Earth wear)
Princess Krageta 294282-bigthumbnail

(school wear if she goes)
Princess Krageta 298907-bigthumbnail

(My own drawing of her in her battle outfit)
Princess Krageta Krageta_and_changling_by_darkestic-d35nnav

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