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Death and After

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Death and After Empty Death and After

Post by Cleric on Wed Nov 10, 2010 6:00 pm

During battle, there will be moments of which odds of survival are slim. It is recommended that you just die, and after all, there are benefits of the afterlife. But if you don't want to die, you must come up with a lagit reason not to die, or you must use something to cause you to not die, and be able to do it quickly. When you die, you naturally descend from the human world to the next; but where? The otherworld, of coarse! When you die, you'll go to snakeway and you'll have to travel across it to Yemma's station. There, I will post judging you on where you should go; hell or heaven, maybe even one of the Kai's worlds. You might even make it to the Grand Kai's planet! Remember, you're judged upon your karma. If you have bad karma, you're bound to go to hell. Maybe even Dabura's realm, if you're bad enough. If you're good, you go to good places.

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