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Climb the Lookout Tower (Complete)

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Climb the Lookout Tower (Complete)

Post by Ragen on Sun Nov 21, 2010 11:39 pm

Ragen was walking around think of how to become stronger since destructo warned him of revenge. while he walking he ran into a huge tower that seemes to touch the sky. "when did this get here" he asked himself. he grabed the tower and started to climb but after an hour his foot sliped and he fell the three miles he climbed. "oww that hurt" Ragen said holding head. he got up and poped his knuckles and started to climb again. he got further and as he thought to him this is to bad but then a birf flew right in to his face causing to to let go and fall down. "now that really hurt. hmmmm i can do this. i know i can. he climbed again and got further yet again but then his hunger caused him to become weak and he couldnt hold on anymore. he fall and when he hit the ground caused a small dent in it. "why cant i do it?"then the memory of destructo appeared in his head. "i have to do this, but i need to eat frist" after one of the famous saiyan pig outs he ran at the tower feeling his power becoming greater. he was half way there and then a rain storm hit shoaking the tower with running water causing him to fall. "water wont stop me!" Ragen roared as he climbed yet again. the water wouldn't stop him this time but when he got back to where he was lighting hit him but he hanged on." i won't give up he said weakly" then another hit him harder making him let go and he fell like a stone. he charged at the tower and uses a final buster at the ground to luanch him back up on the tower. he climb for two days. nothing could stop him. not the rain, not the lighting, not the freezing air, not even the thin air stop him. he finaly reached the top and saw a small white cat holding a staff. "umm who are you mr. cat" "me my name is korrin" "oh nice to meet you korrin."said Ragen. "well i guess i'll be on my way then" said ragen "hey kid wait i'll train you for your efforts" said korrin "thanks korrin" beamed ragen "no problem"
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Re: Climb the Lookout Tower (Complete)

Post by Cleric on Mon Nov 22, 2010 5:15 pm

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