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E.D.F ( Earth Defense Force )

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E.D.F ( Earth Defense Force )

Post by Dracohn on Mon Nov 29, 2010 3:24 pm

Alliance Name: E.D.F ( Earth Defense Force )
Description: Our goal, is to defend the Earth, and the population, from ANY threats. A requirement it to complete basic training ( its a quest ), and you have to wear your military uniform at all times.
History: None,
Alliance Ranks:
1. Chief in Command
2. 5 Star General
3. 4 Star General
4. 3 Star General
5. 2 Star General
6. 1 Star General
7. Colonel
8. Major
9. Captain
10. Lieutenant
11. Seargent
12. Corporal
13. Private
14. Grunt
Founder/Leader: Dracohn
Alliance Members:
1. Dracohn ( Commander in Chief )
Leader's Orders:
1. Respect your Superiors ( When passed by, salute them )
2. Obey your Superiors
3. Defend your superiors
4. Respect those with a lower rank
5. When talked to by a Superior, ' Yes, * Their Rank * ', unless your given permission to call them anything else.
6. You can't join any other group, or be apart of any other group.


Quest Overview: If you wish to join the E.D.F, you must first sign up, and pass a small obsticle course, and recieve basic training.
Rewards: Grunt Rank in E.D.F, +500 PL, Grunt Uniform, Rifle.

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Re: E.D.F ( Earth Defense Force )

Post by Nuchiha101 on Mon Nov 29, 2010 3:25 pm

Hey, welcome back, you never had a character sheet on Neversaga Surprised

So I can't give you yer old stats...
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